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Founder’s note

A childhood hobby turned into passion!

I always wanted to launch a skincare brand to be relevant for the Indian climate and addressed the real everyday problems.

We Indians have

  • Naturally oily or combination skin, exacerbated by the hot and humid climate.
  • We are exposed to high levels of pollution in many Indian cities. Leading to clogged pores, reduced percent of collagen, and premature ageing.
  • Many Indians prefer to use natural and herbal ingredients in their skincare routines.
  • Our exposure to blue lights emitted by our gadgets has damaging effects, and many are not aware of the negative impact it can have on our skin.

All these real insights combined with best of proven ingredients and quality standards led to the birth of Magic Dust. Go ahead and experience this rare ingredient and the benefits. 

Ranjan Kiran Dedhia 

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Our Values 

Magic of Rarity 

We are not about anything common and simple. We wish to go the extra mile to find the rarest of ingredients that are not only beneficial but are capable of becoming every user's essentials. 

Innovation and Experience

We are obsessed with innovation, led by our deep research and experience. 

Do Good, Be Good 

We are committed to building products that are sustainable and positive for users and the environment.

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Our Mission

We are on board with the mission to explore the magical powers of Mother Earth. Overstepping conventional boundaries and searching for the unexplored gems of the planet, we have come across rare minerals that
have high-performance properties and magical benefits. With optimal impact on skin and less impact on the planet, Magic Dust aims to make these minerals an essential ingredient of your daily lifestyle and regain the youthfulness of your skin without hiding what makes you unique and rare!

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Our Philosophy

We believe skincare is never about quick fixes, and neither are we all about being common and simple! By revolutionising the old habits and bringing the ideal blend of nature and science we have trusted the power of transformative class-leading formulation for lasting results.
Ingredients from the plant, earth, and mineral realm have stepped into a new way of thinking about skincare. Inclining towards a self-care ritual today, we are focused on a better self for tomorrow.