The Hidden Dangers of Pollution and Blue Light on Your Skin

The Hidden Dangers of Pollution and Blue Light on Your Skin


Did you know pollution and blue light can penetrate deep into the layers of the skin? Well, you must be aware of the condition, if you are living in an urban area. The constant nag of dust and pollution, those hectic travels, and the hours of work in front of the digital screen. Honestly, the only time your skin feels alive and repairs itself is while you are asleep. 

But can a good beauty sleep reverse the damage caused throughout the day? Your skin needs more than affirmations and makeup.

Penetration of Pollutants 

Your skin on the face is much thinner and more sensitive than on other parts of the body, making them vulnerable to mild changes in weather and even your eating habits. 

When it comes to pollution, the dust and smoke particles enter deep into the skin layer causing oxidative stress and harming the skin barrier. The compromised skin barriers cause a high risk of inflammation, pigmentation, and even early signs of ageing. However, human skin does act as a biological shield against these oxidative chemicals, but prolonged exposure to these high-level pollutants can have profound negative impacts on the skin. 

Depth of the blue light

The major source of blue light for us is sunlight, however, those from digital screens, and fluorescent and LED lights serve as an additional source. You might escape from that sunlight but what about the time you spent in front of the screen? Over the past 15 years, there has been a rapid surge in the negative effects of blue light on the skin. 

Blue light has both negative and positive effects and they are largely dependent on prolonged exposure. 

  • Blue light with heavy wavelengths is much more likely to cause damage to the skin. 
  • The overexposure can cause changes in cells, such as shrinkage and even death, leading to high chances of early ageing. 
  • It can also lead to pigmentation on the skin. 

How to outsmart skin damage?

Till now, we are well aware of the fact that if one has a busy life, one cannot outrun these toxicities. All you have to do is be smart and look after your skin, but how are you supposed to do that? 

From pollution: 

  • First and foremost, remember to drink as much water, it helps in detoxifying and pushing the impurities out of your body. 
  • While going out, one can opt for covering the exposed naked skin, preventing direct contact. 
  • A detoxifying face pack will bring back the lost glory of your face. 
  • Remember to moisturise and take beauty sleep for your skin to repair. 

From blue light:

  • Using the best skin care products in India packed with antioxidants helps in building the skin barrier and also helps in reducing the harmful effects of blue light. 
  • Use blue light protectors on the screen to reduce the rays, and switch to night mode in order to reduce the emission. 
  • Maintain proper distance between yourself and your digital devices. 

These small tips can make a huge difference and help in fighting the stubbornness of pollution and blue light.